Los Revolucionarios


(words and music by Telmary Diaz,

Francis del Rio, Roberto Carcasses)


Listen up, revolutionaries!


I donít care what they say,

Iíll stick around, keeping my mouth shut,


struggling with our everyday problems


in love with life


We Cubans are spread out all over the world

asking ourselves, why we must endure this curse,


when only a few old fuckers, who hate each other

keep us separated, so distinct, so equal, so peculiar, so special


I ask myself if my child will inherit the same plight

this venom of love and hate, like a bad marriage


How many more times will we have to cross the sea

only to face yet another nightmare


How much longer, my love, until our wishes will come true?


How much longer, until we learn how to say ďIím sorry, itís my faultĒ

Letís give it a shot!


We, the revolutionaries, Cubans all over the world,

united as brothers,


weíre a people, do the best you can to reconcile,

dare to love one another!


How much longer will I have to bear the loose ends of my identity?


How much longer will we have to struggle,

stuck, fighting against our own objectives


Legalize Peace!


Howís it going old man?

Everyday he drives me insane, wears me out.


My god, Iím exhausted!


How much longer?!


We, you, they, the others,


blind folded, unfeeling hearts,

possessive and ignorant


The only limit to love

is your own selfishness.




(from the Spanish by J. Michael Seyfert)